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Rajasthan is India at its colorful best...

The people have filled the plain canvas of the arid desert with a profusion of vivid colors. The sheer vibrancy and festivities in their lifestyle leaves no room for anything dull or pale.

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The Amber Sound & Light Show

Essentially a theatre show without live actors. Covers the story of Amber Fort & Jaipur dynasty, with appropriate blend of history, anecdotes, music and effects. Show runs daily in sequence 1st English and 2nd Hindi. English (6:30 pm) & Hindi (7:30 pm) Timings are revised through the year in accordance with the change in daylight timings. The gallery can accommodate 300 persons. Currently in English & Hindi - plans afoot for simultaneous watching in multiple languages. Duration of the show - approximately 52 minutes. Amber holds the history of a citadel, pulsating with a legendry past of 600 years and 28 kings of the Kachhwaha dynasty, before their capital moved to Jaipur.Through this Son-et- Lumière spectacle, an attempt has been made to revive the pride of Amber and bring forth the traditions that colored the lives of its people and the pomp that once existed in its fullest form. This musical extravaganza has highlighted the local legends, folklore, with a myriad of music that continues to give Rajasthan its unique identity. The show is a simple attempt to end the silence that had long fallen upon Amber - for the spirit of Amber is eternal. Amber once again springs into life – feeling youthful yet carrying those nostalgic moments that once made Amber a very lively citadel.

Show Venue:
Kesar Kiyari Complex (Between Maota Lake outside Amber Fort near BUS parking) Daily
Ticket Cost:
Rs.200/- per person in English Time: 06:30 PM Daily
Rs.100/- per person in Hindi Time: 07:30 PM Daily
Photography charges:
Indian Rs.100

Foreigner Rs.200
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