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Rajasthan is India at its colorful best...

The people have filled the plain canvas of the arid desert with a profusion of vivid colors. The sheer vibrancy and festivities in their lifestyle leaves no room for anything dull or pale.

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Wilderness Explorations on Foot 7 days

Exploring the forest and wildlife is a great way to enjoy vacation. And enjoying such vacations while exploring the wildlife on foot will make one’s vacation amazing. Our 7 days tour package of wilderness exploration on foot aim to let you walk through some of the best forest spots of India.

Day 1
After landing at the Delhi airport, you will be taking a long drive for Corbett. As you reach by evening, you will be checking into the famous camp Forktail Creek. Located in the North-East of the Corbett Tiger Park, and in the midst of dense Sal forest, this camp give you a perfect start or your tour. The 1st day comes to its end after you have taken a pleasant stroll in the forest’s surrounding.
Days 2
Exploration of wilderness widens next day (2nd day) when you set out to reach Lohachaur. Reaching there while visiting Durgadevi and Ramganga en route will be full of wildlife sightseeing. Taking mule tract from the camp Forktail Creek to reach Durgadevi will let you pass through Sal forests and watching exquisite flora and fauna. By the evening, you will reach to Lohachaur, and will stay overnight there
Day 3
By the end of 3rd day, you will reach to Ratwadhap. Walking along with the bank of river Mandal and northern boundary of the Tiger Reserve, you will have excellent opportunity of Birding before reaching to Radhwadhap in the evening.
Days 4
The next place to be explored by you will be Mundiapani. After your breakfast, 4th day, you will begin your expedition towards Mundiapani. The place has a very beautiful rest house amidst the thick forest which offers a good opportunity to enjoy Hiking. In the evening, you will be hiking to a neighbouring village.
Day 5
After overnight stay at the camp or rest house, next morning (5th day), you will set out for reaching to Gujjar Dera. After walking along with the bank of river Palain, you will be reaching to Gujjar Dera before afternoon. It is a small village having Gujjars as its denizens. They are semi nomadic tribe which is prevalent in the area. Spending some time with them will let you know their living and life style better. If you have got cooking as your passion, the Gujjar women will be happy teaching you to cook some of their traditional dishes.
Day 6
Haldupardao will be the last destination of your tour which you will be exploring on the 6th day. Before reaching to Haldupardao, you will go on morning Game drive on jeep to Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary. Watching several animals like Elephant, Monkeys, Deer, and Wild Dogs strolling in their herds will be a favourable ending of your tour before reaching Haldupardao. The overnight stay will be at forest rest house or you will have choice of satying in the tents. Next morning (7th day) after breakfast, you will be leaving Haldupardao, and will drive to Delhi. In Delhi, you will be transferred to the airport which will lead you to catch your flight for your onward destination.
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